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Yeah, I don't really have any crits on the actual song structure or TABs or anything for this. It's just a really well written song imo.

I will, however, suggest that, seeing as none of the guitars or bass use the low D note once, there is no point of this being in dropped D tuning (its actually marginally easier in standard as the 232 chord becomes 032).

If you want it to sound grungy, I suggest converting it to standard and then tuning it down a half step. I think it does sound better that way.

c4c if you like:
Drop D Default-Eb.gp5
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Doesn't sound grungy to me, maybe if I could take a look at the lyrics.
Good song though, especially like the chorus lead, but work on the solo, it doesn't have a good flow atm.
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Everything I thought about your song has been said in previous comments, but what the hell...

The song as a whole is very enjoyable, its something I could imagine hearing on the radio. The chorus was definitely my favorite part, very catchy. The only thing I would work on is the solo. The rest is great.

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Well it certainly doesn't sound like grunge :P. Great song dude, that chorus is catchy as hell, verse sets up for vocals very nicely. Only nitpicks are the solo could use some work and the outro really doesn't need to be that long, that chord just sounds like noise after the first second or 2.
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As I listen:

Intro: I'm liking this immediately; great intro.

Verse: Also good.

Bridge: No complaints; I'm still in love.

Chorus: Not what I was expecting, but I like how it changes direction a bit.

Verse II: Still in love.

Interlude: Great.

Solo: Awesome.

Bridge II: I don't think my crit will be that helpful, seeing as I wouldn't dare change a thing.

Chorus II: I like how the drum beat speeds up at the end.

Overall, this piece is great. I'm hearing some Metallica influences, with one key difference; I actually like it. I've never been a Metallica fan, but everything except the choruses reminds me of them, and yet it still has it's own unique sounds. 10/10, no complaints at all.

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Overall it's quite good, the instruments are all well done, the sections all flow well together etc...

There are some things that could use a bit of work though.

First, your intro. Every 2 bars both starts and ends on the same A7 arpeggio. Now while this does work, I don't think it's all that strong. Try changing the bass note to a G instead. Also, instead of having a quarter note on the G at the end of ever 2 bars, try making it an 8th note and hitting the E note again. It would give it a little more movement that way.

Loved how you brought the rest of the instruments in, and rhythm guitar 2 worked great. Although it too both started and ended on an A5 chord. There are a couple things you could do. You could either add an 8th note C5 chord to beat 3 of bars 10, 12, 14, and 16, or you could add both the C5 and B5, or any combination there of. Don't get me wrong though it's fine the way it is, but my way would add a little bit more movement, and make a much stronger resolution.

I like the little fill leading into the verse, however I'd change the note that guitar 1 plays in bar 15 from a C to an A. It just sounds kinda weird the way it is now.

Verse: Those sustained guitars are a bit annoying. I wouldn't hold any guitar for more than 2 bars at a time. Plus maybe a quick 16th note double shot of the chord to bring the guitar back in. Try having one guitar very quietly doing a palm muted version of what the bass is playing while the other guitar holds those chords for 2 bars at a time.

Bridge: My comments for the intro still apply here. I love what you did with guitar 2 for the second half of the bridge though, really nice.

Chorus: Excellent job. You tabbed it a little strange, but that doesn't really matter and otherwise it's perfect.

Interlude: Sounded Great

Solo: Pretty good. Didn't much care for the chord in 63, but otherwise it was a good solo.

Bridge II: That held A note that Guitar II is doing is highly annoying. Otherwise great.

Chorus II/Outro: Love the way you stepping things up near the end, really very cool. But you've done something that's got to be my biggest pet peeve and ended the song unresolved. RESOLVE YOUR SONG No song that's ever been played on the radio in the entire history of mankind has ever ended unresolved.

Still though, it's a great song. Most of my comments are just little things that could improve the song, the only thing that really needs to be changed is the ending.

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