I made a thread a while ago deciding between an Epi LP and a PRS SE Singlecut. I went out the day after to try out the PRS that just came in the local music store, but found that I didn't like the neck. At all. I LOVE the Les Paul shape since it's pretty comfortable to me, and want one under $600 (Don't have the money for an actual Gibson). I'd like to hear everyone's opinion on different brands.
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If you live in the US then Vintage or Agile
If you live in Europe then Vintage

Agile? Never heard of that before. How good are they?
These will eat Agile and Vintage (and I like both of those)
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Try Agile like stated above, but if you still want an Epi a Standard is the way to go.
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I own an Agile Al-3100 and it's awesome.
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The Agile's do look awesome. I was planning to save up for a 3x00 series, until I ran across a Michael Kelly Patriot Q on Craig's List.

You could always scour craig's list (or whatever want-ads are local for you) and try to nab something used. I dropped off the MK today at the local guitar shop to have a proper set-up job. I've gotten a good 8 hours in on playing it, and I really like it so far.
Thanks guys. I'm saving up the money for a guitar to buy online since I really hate all the guitars my local shop has. I like all the suggestions so far.
Wow, those TC Ellis guitars are nice. Does he ship to the US?
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If you have $600.00 now save your cash and buy the real deal. Why compromise? Do not let anyone convince you otherwise.

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If you have $600.00 now save your cash and buy the real deal. Why compromise? Do not let anyone convince you otherwise.

Maybe because the real deal isn't as good as some copies out there