I fell in love today with the bogner duende 30 watt amp.

Im still concerned as to whether that is loud enough for certain gigs. I was wondering if anyone else had this amp and knows how much headroom it has. Ill probably play some smaller contemporary jazz or just straight up jazz on it with the clean, and ill use it for practice as well, but i also will need it for a large rock event that has 100+ people and rehearsals etc.

shiva comes in higher watts but ive heard they sound more marshally, and the duende has better cleans, and also the shiva is SUPER heavy!

thanks and best regards

I haven't tried the Duende, so you can probably ignore all of this, but...

The Duende as you said is geared for cleans, so it's probably gonna have good headroom, also you could roll back your guitars volume and get cleans if you don't have enough headroom.

Just my thoughts...
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have not tried it. so bump for you..
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For just 100+ audiences, it should be enough, albeit barely. The Shiva has awesome cleans. I'd try one before you knock it off your list.
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I owned a 30 watt Duende head. It was t3h sex for jazzy stuff, and volume wise was quite loud. For 100+ people shows... probably near-dimed. Which, of course, is when it would sound great anyways.
I will try a shiva but im thinking i guess the duende would be great since id really like to be cranking the amp a lot for rock. i guess for jazz itll be on lower volumes since im not gonna be playing for like 100 people lol also the shiva is so heavy....well theyre all heavy...=(
just find a good extension cabinet for it and you should be golden.
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pfff all of you rich men, that amp is th3 sex, i have tried one of these and man, the best cleans and nearly OD in my life, but im a thrash man and I dont see right spending that amount of money on clean amp jeje but it can handle 100 people events, and larger...
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Quote by schtick_bomb
just find a good extension cabinet for it and you should be golden.

I have a 212 mesa cabinet with v30's

plus i might get the 212 combo amp so thats basically 4 speakers

sounds good to me

IM still not 100% sure how loud its going to be but i might just get it honestly id rather have that **** cranked the **** up than a mesa at like 4 lol

i think the 212 will help the headroom...??
also i think i can choose which speakers so ill get whichever are the best for headroom

also theres a gain knob onthe clean channel so i can get it to get gainy if needed

sounds good