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17 74%
Night Train
6 26%
Voters: 23.
well i searched the fourms seeings if i could find this. i hope i dont offend anyone if there already is an existed one. but i play indie music, and a little bit of say anything style rock. The amp is mainly for recording, with a couple of shows. I am searching for an amp that isnt too expensive and such yet would like good sound. I found both of these. ive play the night train and loved it. yet i am curious if anyone thinks i should just go with the Vox AC15CC1 112. Yet for recording purposes i thought of a Vox CLASSIC PLUS AC100 100W HEAD. it contains xlr out and i can use my current cab...with the purchase of the night train i will need to purchase a different cab....any suggestions?

thank you
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Both are nice amps but the Nightrain is more convienent, easier to change tubes, gain control, mid control, more gain only weighs 20 pounds.
The AC15 is probably going to be more pedal friendly, while the Nighttrain is going to give you more gain. It really comes down to your needs/wants. There are definitely advantages to both, so it's gonna be a difficult decision.

I would advise staying away from the Classic Plus series, they aren't that good. They try to be both Vox and Marshall but can't nail either one.
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The AC15 is probably going to be more pedal friendly...

When I first got my AC15. I tried a bunch of different pedals through it. All modulation and delay/reverb pedals sounded great. However, dirt was a different story. It was really picky.

Once I did the "bright cap mod", it takes dirt a lot better. The mod consists of snipping/desoldering one cap. Really easy to do.

If you do pick up an AC15. Here is a helpful site on modding it.
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^ +1 it's picky about OD's. it loves modulation effects. except Delay imo.

The night train has more gain and IMHO is more like a mini plexi in a box. while the AC15 is just classic vox.
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night train. i love both amps, but for recording... night train. also the NT cab has a greenback. which slays the other 15-20 watt tube head/cab or combo competitors. also, try to find a marshall studio 15. they are all three about $550-650 used, essentially the same.
thank you so much for the help! im glad that who ever mentioned dirt on an ac15. there will be some distortion. but wonderful help so far.