Well here goes I'm not sure if I am doing anything close to right or wrong I just know how I hear it in my head. This is my first attempt at doing anything resembling a song. So please pick it to peices I need much improvement.

If I could make the stars realign
Maybe she would do what's right
Never seem to get peace of mind

Wish I could hit rewind
What I gotta do to make her mine

How did I fail to see
What has become of me
How did I loose one of three

Wish I could take my time
I still can't get her off my mind

Would you choose to tell a lie
if it would take a life
would you choose to give a life
if you had to tell a lie

Something inside me screams
nothing is ever as it seems
and I still see her in my dreams

Wish I could steal back time
when did I lose my mind