hey there

i bought a cheap strat this morning, started sanding it to give it a different paintjob.

anyhow, anyone here who could identify the wood?

also, ideas for awesome paint jobs are welcome.

the guitar is a "vision" guitar, Pickup config SSS, 22 frets.
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resize/crop your photo.

3888px × 2592px is just plain absurd. NEVER hotlink a pic that big again.
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make it orange

me like orange guitars

"Guitar is tactile, It's about how you play it"
- Joe Bonamassa

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+1, orange looks so cool on guitars, especially burnt orange.
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okay then.

i am thinking of an orange body, with a black stripe from headstock to the body.

how would i paint this?

first all orange then a black stripe, or tape the stripe and keep it clear?

thanks in advance

ps: is Ash/Alder a good piece of wood or is it crappy?