This is a song I've had sitting around for a while. I was thinking of entering it in the soft rock contest. But first I wanted to see what people thought of it, and what can be improved. You can edit it and add improvements.
Oh, and its missing the main solo. If anyone wants to add that then that'd be fine :P (I suck at them.)
A Fleeting Glimpse.gp5
I've checked out the song. The very beginning remind me of post-rock (esp. trills on 12-th fret) Verse was too long. Short it up. Chorus was pretty evil, dark sounding. Solo - not very interesting, but melody fits the song. Breakdown - man, it's not breakdown as well - it's just chords going on straight. Well, it's my point of view. Stay true!
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Thanks for the crit dude. I'm glad you noticed the post-rock influences on the intro
The verse has vocals over it, and is obviously more interesting that way. I may think about shortening it anyway though.
Likewise for the "breakdown" with the vocal thing. Its a lot more interesting with them. But, your right, its not a breakdown. It should be labelled "Bridge."