Lately I haven't really been learning a lot of songs, and i haven't been motivated to play guitar, so I guess I need some fun little things to learn, licks, etudes, etc. The first things that come in mind are Viridian by BTBAM or the intro to Riviera Paradise by Stevie Ray Vaughan, jazzy stuff with cool chords (it also helps to learn about theory), or some "etude" kinds of stuff, cool licks...also short songs, I think you get what i mean...

So now, reccomend!!
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Work with chords. No, not the strum strum crap, pick the chords apart and see what makes them tick. Chord tones are boss and most of your phrases starts and ends with chord tones. That includes what defined the chords like the 6 or the #4.

That should keep you busy for a while.
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