I take lessons at Paul Green School of Rock and we just did a tribute to Van Halen. I sit down at the table (we play at restaurants) with my family. They laughed at the band names that bands i was in went by. It didn't hurt until tonight, being that it was family instead of people i just go to school with. Right now we go by Heavy Metal Poisoning (a disease that was partially responsible for the collapse of the Holy Roman Empire). I've tried naming it after a torture device, like Iron Maiden did. I've tried Brazen Bull, taken. So can anyone help me with the lack of creativitey i have in my mind, please?
The Roman empire collapsed because it grew too large and was destroyed by barbarians. There were instances where their pipes were lined with lead and poisoned them.

I generally make up a name once I'm ready to gig, but how about you just combine a name of an animal and a kitchen appliance and call it a day

Here's my animal/kitchen appliance suggestions.

- Mouseknife
- Catfork
- Dogspoon

and Finally;

Jellyfish The Magic Bullet

I encourage all to add their animal/kitchen appliance names.
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.
There's a whole thread for band name suggestions. Its a great place to browse through when you get the chance.

I like Mouseknife - But for torture devices take a look at what they have in the "York Dungeon Museum" in York England. they should have a website
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animal/kitchen appliance suggestions?
- Donkeyblender
- RatToaster
- Tigeroven

...anyway, if they arent your thing how about a torture device such as
- Heretic’s fork
- Head Crusher

thats all i got right now
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Howbout something creative, like when Romans moved east into Constantinople. Like, "The Rise Of Byzantium" or idk, man nevermind. That is the time where christianity split to roman catholic, and eastern orthodox. Orthodox wouldn't be bad lol.

Nah that sux, sorry dude.
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There's a whole thread for band name suggestions. Its a great place to browse through when you get the chance.


Could I get some more talent in the monitors, please?

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