So, we have a bunch of SM-57's and some old instrument mics that are similar to the SM-57, but we don't know what they are...Anyways, since we don't have a kick drum mic , is it safe to mic the bass drum with an SM-57? If we do, should we pull it farther away to avoid high pressure levels? Or can the SM-57 handle them? We're not looking to buy a new kick mic right now or anything, and we aren't too concerned about how the recording sounds, we just want an idea of where we are in terms of song construction.
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An SM57 will be fine, you may find you have to boost the low end a tad, but you'll get a great clicky sound. I have often used one in conjunction with an AkG d112 to get the click (with the D112 providing the low end thump).
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