does anyone know anything about these pedals? how do they stand up to lovepedal's full sized pedals. i'm interested in the Amp 50 and the Baby Delay since
a) they sound spectacular
b) while expensive, it is quite reasonable for the sound they produce

so how are they for quality, and pick response?

EDIT: also, just how small are they exactly?
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They sound great. The delay is awesome for the price. I prefer the full size COT 50 Gold to the Amp 50 though. They're definitely quality pedals. They're the size of a Hammond 1950A so 3.82" x 1.50" x 1.22".

EDIT: ^Damn! Beaten again!
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Quote by Skierinanutshel
1590A if i'm not mistaken.

addendum: and you answered your own question about quality and sound with letter A in you list.

i mean quality as in physical durability. something that small needs to be built like a tank to survive being stepped on.
You gotta love Lovepedal, the mini line is pretty awesome, i might get myself the Echo and Vibe pedals when i start making money again.

The Echo Baby is one of the best echos i heard, it's one knobed but it's still pretty awesome
Echo Baby

Already ordered a Purple Plexi though
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