Bought a broken Fender Super Champ XD on eBay for $106 (local pickup). I was kind of surprised that it went to my max bid. It was $75 and I bid $106 in the last 5 seconds. Apparently the other guy had a max of $105. Sure enough as described by the buyer it had no sound even thought the tubes lit up. Having a digital front end I was unsure about narrowing the problem down but hoping to get lucky. I noticed that the channel switch LED didn't work so I was prepared to start measuring voltages and looking at the schematic.

After taking it all apart, I first reseated the cable from the DSP board to the main board. No change with that. Then I pushed on the flash chip (purple arrow in pic) and felt it noticeably seat in the socket. Bingo!!! the channel switch led worked when I turned it on. I felt confident it would work and buttoned the whole thing up with the tubes back in and it works perfectly. It's a little bruised and scuffed on the exterior, but generally looks good.

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Thats how you do it! Way to score an easy deal. And you didnt even have to pay anyone to fix it! Happy New Amp Day
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but dont you already have a scxd?
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Jesus, you're an inspiration. Wish I knew how to repair stuff like that.
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but dont you already have a scxd?
Now I got one for downstairs and upstairs.

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Score. Flipping it?
Actually, I think I'll bring to work to use on my lunch hour. I have a Jet as well. That's the amp I use with my pedal board.

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Jesus, you're an inspiration. Wish I knew how to repair stuff like that.
I work on software and debugging DSP based computer equipment that my company designs. I have access to tech equipment and even a guy who can remove and replace those chips with the tiny packed together pins I could never solder. So I thought I'd give it a go.

I figured it was a compete flop I'd have a extra 10" speaker to put in my Vypyr 15 and a spare set of tubes. Also because I had a SCXD I knew I could try swapping the DSP board to see if that was the problem. The rest of it was straight up analog circuits and Fender has the schematic for that in their downloads. Regardless I couldn't have got luckier. Even a fuse would have required me to find a replacment.
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