So basically, for my Music class assesment this term we have to do 2 things. Compose an original theme for a movie character, that's done.
And a song from a film, this is where I am stuck. And I need some suggestions.

So I came here

I do prefer to play Metal, but any style is great.

I was thinking of The End of Heartache by Killswitch Engage but I also want something a little more complex that that.
I have played for about 9 months and can fingerwalk to a decent speed, though I cant slap/pop for sheet. Though I can tap a bit.

So I'm basically asking you guys for any and all songs from a film you love, or just a song you like. As any and all comments are appreciated.

Thanks in advance


When the silence is gone, what have we become?
Pick something from a musical that has a film adaptation of some sort, maybe.

Or something from The Wall or Quadrophenia or something like that.
Id say try something from The Wall, maybe Quadrophenia, altho some songs from that would be sooo hard. Why not pick a Beatles song from Across the Universe? Those shouldnt be too hard. I doubt that Song Remains the Same counts as a movie, but maybe try something from that?