Is a really good little app. I just did a test and recorded drums and it actually sounds really, really good. Crisp cymbals, and a great sounding bass drum! Anyone else used this before?
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I've never used it, but it looks interesting. Is it basically just a sound recorder in which you can reorganize the recorded bits?

Yeah. It's a full on 4 track recorder with panning, bouncing, a metronome, and a few other nifty options. The amazing thing to me was the sound quality. I have tried recording stuff into my iPhones voice memo thing and it always sounds like crap, but somehow with this it actually picks up drums quite well. My band is going to record a full song on it tomorrow as a test. I'll post it in this thread.
Cool, I'll come see how it turns out.
Yeah, that's pretty cool. I just checked out the making of The 88's "Love Is the Thing", and it seems like a solid little app. I've always wondered if there was a simple recording app other than the standard voice memo app.
I may have to pick that up.