Instead of using the side of my thumb to create the sound im down picking while using my middle finger to sort of hold the bottom of the string and i guess plucking with the finger right after picking to create the squealy like sound. sorry if the description is bad. >_>
I've seen pinch harmonics played several different ways. I don't think it really matters as long as you get the sound you're looking for.
the easiest way to get the pinch harmonic is by catching a bit of flesh as you attack the string, there`s no rule to say which piece of flesh you use.

i think your technique could be mis-interperated as a tap harmonic though.
You're just making things harder for yourself in the long run IMO. Just learn the ''proper'' way and it'll eventually feel really easy and natural to do, much more efficient than the technique you described, which sounds very limiting to be honest.
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you are doing the same thing with a different method...

i used to do it like that (or in a similar way) eventually found the common way better for me
In reality touching the string in the right place, no matter how you do it, is a harmonic.

Although, I think you need to be aware that what you're doing isn't actually a "pinch" harmonic. You're technique is fine for creating harmonics, but its more of a tapped harmonic, or it sounds like it is.

When you do a pinch harmonic, the idea is that you're actually pinching the string between your thumb and the pick. If you can't get it, try angling the pick 45 degrees to the string so that your thumb hits the string at an angle.

When I do it, its like I twist my arm slightly so that the side of my thumb catches the string just after the pick, in one movement. One motion is faster than what you're describing, and its what you should aim for.