Ok, I have just changed strings on my OFR and after tuning I noticed that it was not level with the body. I tried opening the back plate, but my screwdrive doesn't seem to work for some reason even though it fits.

The floyd goes SLIGHTLY into the body. Will the affect anything other than the tremolo use(not being exactly balanced)?
it'll effect action, and depending on how much it changes it might effect neck bow slightly. probably not noticeably tho

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9-42, the same guage that was previously on the guitar.

same brand?

Ibanez RG7621
Ibanez RG121
Don't know if it's the same brand since it was set up for me, but I don't think that would make a difference
hmmm... What kind of guitar you got.. my guess is a jackson of some sort? My guess is the springs just might need to be adjusted a bit.. cause even the slightest difference in string tension will make it do that.. so these strings could be looser then the other ones.. make sense??? i think theres a thread on how to do the thing with the springs
yur guitar should have come with another spring for the trem. if not adjust the trem screws that are under in there. but if u really cant get in there, take it to a shop.

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It's an SL1. Man, I wouldn't be having this problem if this stupid screwdriver actually worked. Can't get the damn backplate open.
Yeh, your biggest problem is that you can't get the backplate open.

Are the screws just not breaking? If it's that, try holding the screwdriver with a pair of pliers.

And you are going to have to remove tension from the springs in the back. Just remember the bridge has to be parallel for it to stay in tune.
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