i've invented a short riff and i kind of wanna make it a whole instrumental song just to show how awesome i am, buuut i dont know much about music and therefore here i am asking for help from you not-so-awesome player ahahahahah! just kidding.

(obviously im not that awesome if i cant keep writing on my own :P.)

im using a (going from high to low) F C G C A tuning on a five string base
so far the thing goes kinda like this: (let the notes ring)
F -----1---------------------------------
C -------2-----2/5-5-------------------
G ----------2---------------------------- X4
A ---------------------------------------
(kinda pathetic, i know but i love the sound :B)
ive been working on it for about 15 minutes and this came out im putting the guitar pro (LOL)
riff thingy.gp5
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Quote by drewfromutah
What the hell are you asking?

for tips on what to do next lol...
you don't need to sit down and just force right.. let it come natural.. if there's nothing else already written.. and it sounds like you're asking UG to write it for you.

we can't give you tips on what exactly to do next.. it's your choice..

I couldn't open the GP file since I have version 5.0 not 5.2 or whatever.. but from what I got out of that, it sounded like.. crap?
It seems like one of those riffs you think is cool now but tomorrow will think it sucks.

I'm sort of guessing you're a new player since you're pumped about writing something.. because more experienced players can easily make up something out of nowhere.. which then this wouldn't be anything special at all.
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thanks for the honest reply! ^^.
i thought of it too but thats what came up ahahah