i've tried a few and i was thoroughly surprised.Great tone ramge and versatility.I think it's an underrated guitar.In fact sometimes i can't even tell the difference between the mexican and american versions sound wise except for the wood and the roughness of the grain.
i agree, sometimes i cannot tell the difference between a mexican strat or an american, i have a 60th anniversary mexican strat with the tex mex pickups and its not too bad of a guitar. And for the price difference, why not?
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I've played some awesome Mexican Teles. My friend Ritchie's olympic white Tele sounds fantastic. But, I've also played some miserable ones. You just have to play it first, but no, there's nothing wrong with the Mexicans.
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MIMs are hit and miss. Ive played some great ones and Ive played a few I wouldnt even use as firewood.
yeah, definitely try before you buy. My 2009 MIM Sunburst Tele is a sweet player. Incredible quality of the woods all around, especially since they upgraded the maple for the necks this year. The only thing I would change about it would be, the pickups, eventually, great tone, but not the "hottest" pups, and I also needed to adjust the action a little bit, but even then fret buzz was minimal before hand. Definitely try to get your hands on one if you can.
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I've played a few and they were amazing, as good as the American ones. I wouldn't mind owning one.
I'd give mine the thumbs up. The frets are starting to show some wear though
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I recall the baja tele being a MIM. I played one of those today and it played wonderfully and sounded real sweet. The thing that bothers me about telecasters is I'm a bit of a purist, and I don't like the contours on some Telecasters. I like the original boxy shape, but its akward for me to play on.
I used to play a MIM Telecaster at my old school, great guitar I loved that guitar and would usually hide it so little kids couldn't touch it at all.
I have enjoyed the ones I played. I wish they offered a rosewood fretboard on the standard MIM though
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I recently bought a 50th Anni one it's completely awesome. The only problem with it is one of the tuners is loose but that's just my guitar. I highly recommend it.
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Yes fantastic guitars. I really enjoy mine. It is very well made and solid and is a great workhorse guitar for me. Indeed as with most MIM's quality can be a bit hit and miss so just try and find a good one.

Also the neck is very playable, it has a nice bright sound and i chose to buy my MIM over an MIA.

What are also worth checking out are some of the Mexican customs. They are a little more expensive, can have some higher quality electronics than the standard mexicans and sound fantastic. IMO they undermine the MIA guitars and i've seen them at my local store. Should be some knocking around big geetar stores.
the more recent models are excellent. To say they are as good as the american models is a bit silly, but they are probably better value for money.

imo they did go through a bit of a crappy spell, at least from my point of view, i've never played one made between 2004 and 2008 that i liked at all, but since the recent upgrade (the ones with the bare "fender telecaster" logo on the front without the serial number under it) they have been potentially very very good. i've heard very good things about many guitars that came out of the mexican plant between 2001 and 2003 as well, i own 2 mexican fenders made in 2002 and they are both very well built indeed.
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I like the vintage modified ones with 2 humbuckers :-)
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I have a MIM Tele, fact is, the pickups suck... hardcore. The guitar itself is awesome, so just do what I did and throw some Lindy Fralins in there and it's guitar heaven from there.

Or hell... your choice.
I thought about selling my Am. Deluxe Strat to get a MIM since I never play it. None of the MIMs were remotely close to mine. There was a huge difference and you can even hear it acoustically. The MIMs just felt cheap. I decided to stick with the Am. Deluxe.
i just got mine a few days ago, but i'm in love. i'll be changing the pickguard and one of the pickup covers, but the guitar is absolutely beautiful! and sounds pretty damn decent. i'll be subbing a single sized humbucker into the bridge because i need some more power there. i almost hate to do it because i do like the snap of the tele pickup, but i'm hoping i can split the new humbucker. the rest of the pickups sound great, and the piezo in mine sounds pretty awesome too!
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i used to have a sunburst mim tele, i loved that guitar, selling it was the stupidest thing ive ever done guitar-wise
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Depends on the particular guitar and model. The Standards can be hit and miss, but more upscale/specialized models like the '50's or '60's Classic Series Teles tend to be more uniform. I have a Tex-Mex Tele Special (Fat Tele w/neckbucker) I picked up used for very cheap ($125 w/non-Fender gigbag) about a dozen years ago and it's great.