I take lessons at the Paul Green School of Rock and we just did a tribute to Van Halen. I sit down at the table (we play at restaurants) with my family. They laughed at the band names that bands I was in went by. It didn't hurt until tonight, being that it was family instead of people i just go to school with. Right now we go by Heavy Metal Poisoning (a disease that was partially responsible for the collapse of the Holy Roman Empire). I've tried naming it after a torture device, like Iron Maiden did. I've tried Brazen Bull, taken. So can anyone help me with the lack of creativitey i have in my mind, please? And I play in a Speed Metal band, so... maybe that'll help with the ideas.
wat about bronze taurus?
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"Partially Responsible"
"Didn't Hurt"
"Until Tonight"
"Torture Device"
"Family Member and the Worthless Opinions"

"School of Rock"

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you could simply name the band torture device, i like it but if now heres a list of them
Heretics Fork
Judas Chair or Judas Cradle
Breaking Wheel

and my personal favorite,

The Pear. i know its ****ing hilarious google it, theres actually a torture device called the pear. also bloody nasty too,
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