I finished sabilizing my Floyd Rose bridge when I realized my D string was not well intonated. I locked my bridge, detuned the fourth string and moved the string saddle back. Then retuned to standard. But then my G string began detuning without a reason, even more with the bends. So when I was retuning it, it popped out of it's socket. I placed it again and retired to tune it, but it keep going down. any help?
Pluck the G String. Now press down on the string behind the nut. If there is a change in pitch then your nut is slipping.

See if it's that.
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G strings are very prone to getting out of tune. For this reason I highly recommend getting a wound G string. For me they seem to stay in tune much better while using any tremolo system. Although they may not make them in your current gauge. I use D'addario .12's where the G comes wound. A pack Ernie Ball .12's won't come with a wound G -string.

P.S. Have fun taking off your G-string. Lol.
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