Which way should pedals be ordered? All I have is a standard crybaby wah and a TU Boss Chromatic tuner. I noticed that I get a different tone with the tuner before my wah. I havn't tried it after my wah tho. Also, I have a standard marshall channel switch that hooks up seperately in the back of the amp, which doesnt affect anything if im not mistaken?

Should it go: Amp----Tuner-Wah----Guitar?

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no it doesn't effect your tone it only switches the channel
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Most guitarist I know prefer this set up...I to am one of them

From your guitar to Filter effects(Wah, Phaser)-->Compression-->Overdrive/Distortion-->Equalizers-->Amp
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personally, i go guitar, tuner, distortion, delay, wah, amp.

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Guitar -> Tuner -> Compressor -> Wah -> OD/Dist -> Amp

FX Out -> Mod -> Delay -> Reverb -> FX In
everyone is different though, remember that. If you think your wah happens to sound better after some dirt (Tom Morello I think?) then do it. There really is no "wrong" (except maybe Guitar --/--> Amp)
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