So I'm about to go looking for a Fulltone OCD, I love the pedal, I haven't heard any complaints about it, except for the differences between each version. Specifically the version 4 having a volume drop, and just not being as good as the older versions.

So is the difference really large enough that I should spend the extra money and time looking for an older version of the OCD?
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Used to own a clone of the v4 OCD. It was real good, no volume drop or anything. I d still assume an original v4 to be better, so ye.
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No volume drop and not necessarily better or worse. I've got 3 friends who own one and 2 of them picked it over a V2 and V3. All of them sound good, it's just preference. I think the older models sounded better, V4 is a little brighter.
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Quote by The Real Ming
I'd go with v4.

+1.........I've got V4 and no Volume drop.
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I used a V3 for a time, great pedal, I have not had the V4. There is actually a decent youtube video of some guy having all 4 versions at once and showing the differing tones, it's about as good as one could muster in a comparision. He plays the same riff in the same way through each of them set the same, pretty interesting actually. Google it. Normally I view the youtube crap as a good laugh but occasionally someone sane puts up something useful.

The 4 did seem to drop slightly but do not doubt Fuller, he is always improving things when he opts for a version change. The 4 does sound more bandwidth and full and for God's sake whip the volume a little, that unit pushes some real db. Fuller said Trower ran his full up and rolled off his volume knob for variance. That does not work for me. I used the OCD for a darker boost, probably what Fuller did with the RTO OD pedal for Trower. I liked it, most do.

I went to using the Fulldrive II pedal which does for me what the OCD did and it allows me more options and controls. Some forget an OD is primarily designed to push the tubes when driving an amp not as a stand alone distortion pedal effect. For me the Fulldrive is the pedal to have, set to push the distortion channels just slightly, it adds so much to the overalll better tone. I noticed Satriani uses two of them, plus a purple Way Huge pedal and his Satchurator box, it's all about options and changes.
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