I'm just getting back into playing after about 15 years. My first guitar was stolen after about a year of playing and I finally decided to pick up playing again. I will be getting a Dean Evo 2000 for Christmas and need an amp to go with it. I'm looking at used at the moment to get the most of my budget. I'm looking at @ $200. I listen to just about everything and will be playing a lot of different genres so I'd need something versatile. I don't really care if it has on board effects or not as I plan on getting a multi-effects pedal as well. My budget for the effects is @ $100. Any opinions on amps or pedals would be appreciated. Here is a list of some of the amps/effects I'm looking at.


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why not get a modelling amp? that way u dont have to get those cheap multi effects which i doubt will sound good.

u can check out vox vt15/30 or roland cube 30x or peavey vypyr 30 or laney's new modelling amp, laney p35.
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