Time to get this Little Devil sounding less hissy.

These are the ones I picked with my masterful knowledge of absolutely nothing.

Gold Lion EL84 (matched pair)
Tung-Sol 12AX7 / ECC803-S Gold (matched)

Anyone want to put me on a different path? I will also be getting the bitmo mod kit (more for the cap upgrades than the voicing, but you never know), so ordering from thetubestore keeps it simple.

When they get here, I am going to have the amp re-biased and have an effects loop installed. (No argueing on the effects loop, my desire for an rp1000. Haha)

Thanks for any advise.
I checked it out, but these are "better" tubes in a very different amp. I know almost anything would have to be better than the commi tubes it came with, but I am not sure if I am willing to part with $400+ for a set of silly expensive or vintage tubes. These come to about $120.
The Tung-sol 12ax7's are the best modern production 12ax7 that I have heard.

I don't know much about gold lion.... they are supposed to be modern day production versions of Genelax tubes. I've always used JJ for output tubes, but the Gold Lion are worth a try.