Yesterday I asked a dude working at a music store which type of amp would be good for handling really low tunings like drop B, and I told him I had heard that bogners have the best low end out of pretty much all amps, but he said they would only be "alright"; but mesa's (which i have been told have great mid-range) would be the way to go really.

I then told him that i'm pretty much looking at getting a semi-bull**** amp first, before i pay big money for something like that; and he suggested a line 6 combo that was next to us; and basically all ive heard about them is that they suck!

So can someone suggest what is a good expensive amp for handling tunings like drop B, and what is one below $1,500 AUD that i can get in the meantime, before i save up for the expensive one?

PS: I'm after a Metalcore tone; as in Bring Me the Horizon/ Killed the Prom Queen type of sound.
Peavey 5150 is the cheapest higher end amp that comes to mind that will handle ultra low tunings/7 strings well.

Line 6 Vettas also so great with them, not sure how the Flextone would fair, but it's worth a shot.
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LOL I'm guessing he suggested the Line 6 Spider. Definitely do not get that. Maybe a used Peavey 6505/5150. Trivium uses these amps, and I'm sure many other metalcore bands do too.
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Line 6 Spiders are mediocre, the Flextones are pretty good.
The lower you tune down, the more headroom you are going to need as your guitar drops into the bass register. Make sure whatever you get has the RMS power and the ability to properly sound out the low frequencies of your drop-tuned instrument.

The Peavey 6505+ seems to be very good for this sort of thing. Carvin guitar amplifiers are supposed to be good for down-tuning, too. I've heard some people complain that they have too much low end, actually. That hasn't been my experience, but the Vai Legacy head is said to be very good with down-tuned guitars. They certainly won't cost as much as a full Bogner rig.
Peavey 5150 will do the metalcore sound quite well.

If it's anything to go by, my Bugera 333 handles drop A very well, so I'm guessing the Peavey XXX will be a good option as well.
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Thank you all for responses, I think I'm going to go for one of the Peaveys as the really expensive amp, after watching many youtube videos haha.
6505 or XXX are good options. Drop B really isn't that low, any good Hi Gain head with a nice 4x12 will handle it fine.

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I had heard that bogners have the best low end out of pretty much all amps, but he said they would only be "alright.

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