Alright, so today I got my hands on this tele. The guy I got it from said that it's a '52 Reissue made in the 80's sometime. Idk what it is for sure, the serial number is T0XXXXX, which would mean that its a tribute series right? I'm honestly don't know enough about telecasters to really figure it out for sure. I've looked at pics of the 52 RI and it looks like a darker finish then what I have, and more of the grain can be seen.

This is NOT a pic of mine (I can get some tomorrow if it would help ID it), but its pretty close. My finish might be a little bit yellower, and you can see the grain of the wood a bit at some angles. To me the finish looks most like the nocaster blond, but did they ever make reissues of that which were not reliced?

Any help is appreciated!
Ok, I totally missed that it does say Made in Japan on the neck. So that means its a mid 90's I guess
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It's a beautiful guitar none the less. I guess this is a NGD? Happy NGD!!

Haha, thanks! Yeah, its a great guitar, I like it a lot.

Even though I know its from japan in the 90's, I'm still lost as to what it actually is... I read that japan made a 52 reissue, but it was never exported outside Asia, but around the same time they made a "50's Classic" that was shipped to the US, although that did not come in the color that I have (as far as I can tell).
I have found Japan makes a lot of reissues from different eras. You might have lucked out and came across one someone ordered directly from Asia. I've seen telecaster RIs from 52, 55, 57, 61, etc etc that were made in Japan (Reissues of that era, not made during that time lol.)

Also, the ones that were exported to the US during the reissue time were not made out of basswood. A lot of MIJ/CIJ guitars are made out of basswood. Which is why if/when you order from Japanese places that don't tell you what the guitar is made out of, ask and choose whether or not you want to believe what they told you.