Hey there,

Does anybody know a good site for ear training besides musictheory.net? My issue with them is that they have great quizzes for intervals, but for chords, they don't test on inversions. They will include inversions but you'll never have to guess WHAT inversion a kind of chord is. So if anyone knows another great site I'd be very grateful.

Also, for those of you with great relative pitch, how did you guys get better at ear training? Maybe the way I practice is wrong. I just sit in front of a piano and play an interval throughout the octave, and sing along. For chords, I'll play the two kinds of chords I'm learning to distinguish by playing both on the same root throughout the octave. Did any of you guys learn better pitch a different way?

Yo. I appreciate this so much everyone. Keep excelling!

Download the trialversion(30days) nad then you can use it anyway^^ atleast I could a while back and I still use it!
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This is the site you're looking for.
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