Just looking for other opinions here.

My local music store has a beautiful Les Paul copy guitar (Greg Bennet Avion 6 LTD), but I'm a little skeptic about dishing out the cash for it, or whether I should save a few more Ben's for the real thing.

Here's the Specs for it:

Single cutaway mahogany body
Bound, carved, spalted maple top
Bound, mahogany set neck
Nut width 1⅝″
Rosewood fingerboard (12″ radius)
Crown inlay
22 fret, 24″ scale
Chrome hardware
Grover™ A102C, 14:1 ratio tuners
Stop tailpiece with adjustable bridge
Duncan Design™ HB101N and HB102B humbucker pickups
2 volume and 2 tone controls
3-way selector switch

To me, the specs look pretty much like a real Gibby, just not American made.

I plugged it in yesterday through a Crate V-50, and it sounded amazing. And, the spalted maple is just stunning. I'll post some pics up after I go back. to the store.

EDIT: Here's a picture off the company website. Please do keep in mind that the spalted maple of the real guitar looks 200% better than this stock photo.

Spalted Maple here.
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well i got a av3 greg bennet
and i think its great value for ya money
i say go for it.
All Gibsons are american made, and those pickups dont sound great but...
as cliche as it sounds play both and then go with your intuition you will know whats right much better than us
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The great thing for you is that that guitar is at a local store...so you can pick it up and play it. If you like the looks, feel, and price...go for it. I've always been a fan of 'value' based things. Ten years ago I was into AOpen vs Asus motherboards, for example, and with good results.

Humbuckers can always be changed...at your own schedule too. In a year, a month. One at a time, 2 at a time...whatever.
I do like it, and it plays great IMO - BUT, I have no way to compare this to a Les Paul, being that I've never played a genuine Gibby LP.

This guitar itself is going to set me back 650$ without changing any hardware, I could buy a genuine LP for what - 900-1200$?

My whole point is this: Are the specs for this guitar close enough to classify it as a LP style guitar, or should I wait and save to get the real deal?

I know it's all about what I want when it comes to this type of thing, but Honestly - I just want the epic sound of a LP, and I'm curious as to whether or not you guys think this guitar can deliver.
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I think its a nice guitar by looks.
It just looks awesome, but I don't like the shape.
And I dont know how it plays.
Just like someone said, play on both and let your intuition do the work.
Or get blindfold, and let your friend give you one of the guitars. Play both and then choos.
BLINDED xD. then you know whats best:P.
I say do it. If you're gonna buy a Gibby with that much, thats lower end Gibsons, which generally suck. Plus, that guitar is a true beaut..

However, later on cange your pups on it
Id get the LTD, Gibsons are overpriced, and you can get the same exact guitar for much much less from Agile.

All youre paying for is the name.

(And 900-1200 will get you a low-end Gibson which arent worth the money)

Les Pauls dont sound like Les Pauls because theyre made by Gibson, they sound like they do because of the way they are made, so you dont need to buy a Gibson to get the sound.
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I have the av-7 and i absolutely love it. It may not be exactly the same as a Gibson but it's well worth it.
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That's what I wanted to hear

I'm really excited about getting this thing - It'll be a few weeks though (Gotta love law-away).

I'll post pics when I go pay the down payment.

Also - I still want to read advice/ideas. I'm already thinking about changing the pups.

I have a Schecter Omen-6 with blackouts, but I'm debating whether I want to put Actives in this, or keep passives in it. Any Ideas on top-end passives?
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I'm leaning towards Seymour Duncan JB (bridge) and '59 (neck) combo, as far as pups go.

And - while browsing today - came across something interesting:

Something Interesting!!!

Discuss! -

Edit: I'm also thinking of coil splitting (Push-Pull) if I go with these pups. Good idea, or bad idea? I've never played a split coil guitar, but from what I read, it splits a humbucking pup into a single coil, and I love the single coil sound on my friends Tele.

I know it seems like a bit of mods for this, but I'm just curious as to my options.
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I'm really not a fan of coil split, it just never sounded like the real deal, just a half assed attempt.

If you can, i say save up for a higher end guitar. Greg Bennets are pretty mediocre (but if you happen to have a gem by luck, yeah, go for it).

As for the pups, it really depends on what sound you're after and what amp you're going through.

Definitely passives over actives though
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i like that Tele. but the first guitar you posted looks more interesting to me personally. i like the weird body style!
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I do too (I love spalted maple)
but that Tele looks too good too pass up.

I'm torn, haha.

I play Classic rock...which I want the LP for, but also play country/jazz, which I could use the tele for.

I'll probably go with the lp style though....I'm lucky to have found it, being that it's a limited run from last year.
if you want something close to an actual lp why not go with epiphone? the new epihpones are great or just save up for a gibson. play a bunch of guitars. dont go by what the specs tell you. go by the sound and feel.
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i don't know if that tele would really get you the country sound you'd be looking for, but it definitely does look good! i think i'm leaning tele now, just on the fact that it's a HH set up, and i think it's a set-neck design. which i think is really cool from fender! i'd try to find one in a store though. i've only seen one in person and the top wasn't nearly as cool as the one you posted. either way, the spalted maple is pretty damn impressive, though. it'll definitely draw looks
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"Well good God damn and other such phrases, I haven't heard a beat like this in ages!"
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We'll see what happens.

I am going to the music to put the down payment for the LP style today, and will post pics of the exact one I'm purchasing. I may buy the Tele....who knows?
I love that guitar. Reminds me a lot of the Michael Kelly I just got myself. My MK also has coil-splitting.

Geez.....am I the only person to think this guitar is utterly beautiful?
No, I love that spalted maple look. I was considering saving up for an Agile 3000 in a similar look until I ran across that MK for 200 bucks on craigslist.