I'm looking for a humbucker to fit in my Agile al-2000 goldtop.
Its not that i don't like the sound of the stock p90's ( they sound good compared to other stock ones at this price), but that sound they make especially live is really annoying.
So i'm looking for something great sounding ( maybe something just a bit darker that the regular p90 sound and hum canceling.
I was looking at the Gibson Mini humbuckers would those fit ?

If you want a hum cancelling, normal sized P90, then the Gibson P100 is an obvious one that comes to mind (even though I don't like it).

As for humbucker sized P90's, you could look at the Gibson P94 or the SD Phat Cat.
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yeah ...checked out the p100 ... doesn't sound bad ..but nothing special either.
Any other suggestions ?

Gibson Mini Humbuckers ? how are those ? I mean do they fit in a p90 slot ?
DLX Plus by Dimarzio, if that isn't your cup of tea though there's a tone zone P-90 and a super distortion P-90 aswell
you can fit mini humbuckers into a P-90 route by mounting the humbuckers to a hacked up P-90 case and drilling 2 extra mounting holes for each pickup - it's quite a simple, yet precise, procedure, that i wouldn't advise doing unless you're experienced with that sort of thing. Gibson did this with the les paul deluxe - they were actually originally leftover '56 goldtop reissue bodies, routed for P-90s.
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i have 0 experience here. But i can take it to a guitar guru.
Thanks you.

I've been looking at the Seymour Duncan STK p90. Seems to be hum canceling.
How do they sound in comparison to a Gibson p90 ?
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Gibson P94s, yo.

No, other way around.
He wants HB's the size of P-90s, not P-90's the size of HB's.
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Minibuckers are definitely a viable option, proper minibucker mounting rings were designed to fit into P-90 routings. Just be aware that minibuckers sound considerably brighter and thinner than full humbuckers (and brighter than even some P-90s).

Swineshead used to make humbuckers in full P-90 sizes. They stopped officially making them a few months ago, their prices of their remainign pickups has almost doubled and there is a two month waiting time, but get in contact with them and if you were prepared to pay a lot and wait, they might be able to make some for you.

Other than that, stacked P-90s are the way to go. The Gibson P-100 isn't all that great to my ears. The Seymour Duncan stacked P-90s are alright, though they do just sound like any boringly generic humbucker you can imagine, they don't have the full power of some humbuckers and they don't have the clarity of P-90s. They're also taller than most P-90s, so depending on how your guitar is routed you may need to modify it a bit to get them to fit in properly.
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