hi guys i need some advice
im thinking about taking a gap year in 2 years between uni and sixth form and i thought i might try and roadie for a band in that year
any advice on how to get there and whats best to do?
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You aren't going to be a roadie for a huge ass band that can pay you. Small bands can hardly pay for themselves, you think they'll be in a position to give you food and a bed when half the time they'll probably be sleeping in the car?

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do they not pay you then?
or do they just provide stuff like a bed and food?

Do you have any experience of being a roadie at all? Or why would anyone hire you and pay you? Seriously.
You make it sound like you want to work for a famous band from the start for a huge wage. I doubt that will happen.
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i mean a small band, but no i dont have any experience
how do people survive a tour then?
sounds bloody hard
It probably is bloody hard. I say do it though.

If you want to tour with a band you should get a group of unknown bands, be their band promoter, go in with them for X percent of ticket sales plus drinks sold at the clubs, and prepare for a long ass year.
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hi guys i need some advice

I advise you learn the difference between periods and line breaks and the merits of the Shift key.


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You don't really go looking for roadie work, it sort of find people. Plus, you won't get paid; you've no experience and you're probably going to be working for a local band.

It might be cool if you pair it with another part-time job, that way you could be earning money AND getting some roadie experience.
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play the game Brutal Legend on xbox live arcade. all the roadie experience you'll ever need comes from that game >.>
I have a friend who earns good money as a guitar tech. He's currently on tour with Amy Mcdonald, and was working with Joan Armatrading last year. I suppose that's a little more specific though. He worked his way up from being a sound engineer for loads of bands in small clubs.
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Basically, if you want to eat, you'll have to rent out your anus. And if you want to sleep indoors, be prepared to spoon.
is this a good plan then?
work for half a year, save all the money cos you live with your mum, and then get in with a band?