I have an iron maiden stray from a few years ago and am trying to get back into learning to play. recently got a vt30 amp and am still tribg to get the right trebble, bass, and mid settings for a maiden sound.

the thing I noticed recently is how different the sound ia based on what pick-up I'm using. I've generally used the bridge pick-up but is there a typical place to use for maiden? also do people usually just keep this in one place most of the time for hard rock/clasic metal?

yeah the bridge generally has a harsher sound for rhythm sections, whilst the neck can be used for leads and melodies, thing sweet child o mine,

BUT in saying that, just listen to the songs hear what tone is being used and experiment
thanks. I'm just bad at identifying tone/sounds at this point. I always assumed that the bridge pick-ups produced a cleaner sounds, while the further up the neck made heavier sounds that were more for rhythms. see, I'm reallybad at thisso thanks for the tips.

I just keep screwing around with settings to see what throuws off a 'revelations' sound, but I've only hears the song and am not sure what a single guitar should sound like. I think i keep trying to replicate the whole guitar sound coming from the record (if that makes sense) since I just play for fun by myself after the family goes to sleep.