Hey guys! So ive got this POS strat (my first guitar, i think its a Washburn). It came painted black, and i had put stickers all over it. Well, then i got bored, and stripped the stickers off, and painted it checkered read, light blue, orange, and dark blue (ill post pics of when it was painted like this later). It was a crappy paint job, i did it sloppily, and did it right over the original paint. i didnt clearcoat it at all. So, after hours of work yesterday, i sanded 4-5 layers of paint (including the factory paint) off of it. I also re-shaped the headstock, and i really like the new headstock design. Anyways, now that ive got some better painting experience, im going to paint this guitar white, and then bloodsplatter it (with red paint, im not cool enough to use actual blood jk)

i cant figure out how to put pictures in here, so...
the front:
the back:
new headstock design (give me feedback! )
beautifully sanded neck (i had originally painted it light blue)
the whole thing:

ill keep you guys updated once i start painting it
It's so great to see that guitar grow up the way it has... *cries with joy*
Looks good hombre!!!
Niiiiice! This give me inspiration to strip my strat....lmao I always wanted an Olympic white one...>_> haha but yeah you are doing a great job, I can't wait to see the end results!
i hung it from a tree to paint it haha :p
this is after 3 coats of white:
front: http://profile.ultimate-guitar.com/ForeverInUtero/pictures/gear/634823/715447
back: http://profile.ultimate-guitar.com/ForeverInUtero/pictures/gear/634823/715445
headstock: http://profile.ultimate-guitar.com/ForeverInUtero/pictures/gear/634823/715443

im gonna bloodsplatter the front, back and sides of the whole body, and the front of the headstock. i practiced on a plank of wood, and i feel ready enough to bloodsplatter the guitar. How many coats of white should i do? its Valspar white enamel, and ive done 3 light but covering coats...it feels like ive already used half the can! anyways, sometime this week ill prob do the splattering, and then, its on to clearcoat! :P
Anxious to see, please post soon!

I recently stripped my old squier strat to have a mess about with custom body art. Currently idea-shopping