hi i'm looking to buy a behringer gmx212 i really dont know if
this is a good amp but from what i read its pretty good
and how close is this to sounding like a tube amp?
and are there any other suggestions of other amps?
i play all genre from jazz to trash to christian songs
so i'm trying to find a decent amp to be used for my
church gigs pls help i have around 200-300 bucks
i'm only a student so thats my money haha
I don't know about the behringer, but look into the Fender Super champ XD
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I don't know about the behringer, but look into the Fender Super champ XD


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anything behringer is badly made.

probably will sound bad too.

+1 super champ.

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Yeah, I fell in love with the SCXD

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i often play this behringer at my music school and i hate it. sounds very dull. because of that i make the highs on full and suddenly the tone rattles( bad english?).
anyway it is versatile, but very frustrating to play...
You shouldn't get Behringer products.

Don't rely on UG reviews, too many people who make them don't know what they are talking about.
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Get the Super Champ XD, it's got tubes and it will sound much better than that rubbishy Behringer. And for the record, not all Behringer products suck. Their Compressor pedal was decent when I tried it out over a friend's house.
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