I'm looking for a bass guitar which is reliable and nice sounding but cheap. My price limit is about £150. It's my first bass but I have been able to play it for some time so it's not necessarily a beginner bass. My preferred style is rock/metal....... any suggestions??
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I dunno if I'll get crapped on by Ibanez GSR200? I'm thinking of selling mine though since I don't hardly play bass these days, but they're pretty good beginner bass'.
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Well like i said it doesnt have to be a beginner bass really. I want as good as I can possibly get with the money I have.. yeah I know it's pretty limited.. but in the end a nice working bass will do.

I just checked those ones out though.. I like. Pretty nice looking in my opinion. Would want it black though.. it's kind of a guitar theme I have.
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Definately go used, you aren't going to get much 1st hand for that sort of budget.

You cant go wrong with an ibanez so if you see one within your budget get it.

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Well to be honest my budget is really about £200.. i do have a bit of leway though. could stretch to £250. I've found quite a few within that budget.. it's gonna be for xmas but there was one other thing i was gonna get.. i suppose i can buy that one myself.. my mum's set a strict budget this year "/ thanks for the advice people.
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