So i'm currenntly running on a Roland Cube30, a okay enough amp for the money I guess. Soundswise it's okayish, but thats about it. I have been thinking I want a new amp, something to toy around with and enjoy.

Im a really bad guitarist, and theres no chances of me joining a band or do anything outside the comforts of the house. So I want something that I can play in the basement or office without desturbing the wife or kid to much. I want it to sound great ofcourse, but it needs to sound okay on a really low volume, whiche can be a problem from what I understand. Tube amps seems to be the choice of champions, but I cant cranck it up to 11 to sound good, and getting a great amp only to install attenuatoers (sp?) is not the best option soundwise?

Music styles is pretty diverse, anything from Black Sabbath to Hank Marvin in the same season, but hard rock is the style I focus on and enjoy the most. I also love a good blusey sound ala Gary Moore. So I want a amp that can handle abit of everything, hopefully without 4-5 pedals and tons of wire running everywhere. I would love something with presets, so I can go from Iommi to Hank within a few seconds instead of setting everything up for 30 seconds of Apachi before I dive back into a hopeless rendition of Iron Man

Money aint the biggets issue, I have no problem buying a Bogner Alchemist 212 if thats the optimal choice, but thats about as high as im willing to go for something that will be sitting in the basement and never be heard or seen by anyone cept for those who care enough about me not to comment honestly about how it sounds.

So, I have been looking at the Spider Valve212, sounds killer to my ears, and with the presets etc it fits the bill pretty well. But at 40W it blows the pictures of the wall before I get to 5% volume. I also hear alot of good words about the Bogner Alchemist, but then im back to fiddeling with 12 knops whenever I want to go from 1 style to another?

The Spider Jam seems to get alot of bad critique, but it does looks like the perfect choice for me. I would love to be able to record a few jamtracks etc on it, and play along, or just record abit of my own stuff to laugh about in a few months time. There are loads of effects built in, presets so I can go from this to that in seconds and it's fairly cheap. I know it cant compare to a tube amp 3 times the money, but will I be able to tell the difference? Could this be a good option for the basement rocker with no real ambition aside from enjoying himself?

Last thing I have been looking at is the VOX Valvotronix line, would the 30W version be considered a big upgrade from the Cube?
The Valvetronix and the Cube are about the same quality, the Vox probably a bit better. You'd be better off looking at a Vox Night Train head. It's tube, 15 watts, and a really nice amp if you ask me. Or there's the Blackstar HT-5...though everyone has got one, it seems. Still, they're nice amps, so one of those two would be great.
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