I apologize in advance if something like this has been asked before but i searched and didn't find anything.

Okay, so i'm new to home recording and don't have a major setup seeing as i had most of my equipment stolen a while ago and had to buy a bunch of new sh*t(money doesn't grow on trees).
Anyway, for my vocals and some acoustic guitar i use the Behringer MIC200 ultragain preamp (http://www.behringer.com/EN/Products/MIC200.aspx). I run my mic's (shure 8700 Lyric and/or Shure SM58) straight into the preamp and then into my external 7.1 Sound card. The problem is this, without the gain or output set up high there is a moderately loud buzzing sound like some external noise. My equipment is virtually brand new and i tested it at a friend's house and it worked perfectly.
Now the house i recently moved to is relatively old so is it possible for the noise to be a result of faulty/old electrical wiring in the house? If so, how do i eliminate that noise without having to move homes or completely rewiring the house?

Any help would be appreciated.

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Get one of those 3 light electrical testers from home depot or lowes and plug it into the outlets you are using. If the two yellow lights don't light you have an issue and should probably call a licensed electrician to fix the problem.

Most older homes don't have a ground wire run everywhere and so that will cause a lot of audio hum noises.

Thanks moody07747

I had a friend(who happens to be an electrician) come over and check it out. Ended up being some dirty power. I asked him about the expensive Monster power conditioners and he gave me a $19 generic conditioner from Wal-Mart, which works perfectly! Problem solved.

So for those who say you have to buy expensive power conditioners, you don't. 19 bucks is all you need.

- Love Thy Neighbor, But Don't Get Caught-