i hear that the carvin v3 is great for just about any thing from jazz to metal, i was wondering if i would be able to get an august burns red, the devil wears prada, or bring me the horizon tone out of it. i know all those bands use mesa double and triple rectifiers, but i dont have the cash for such a thing.

if you have any other suggestions for a good metal/hardcore amp, that would be great, my budget is $900. also i wouldent mind buying used gear.
I have never seen a double, triple, or single rec for $900 used.

Why not just test the amp in question OP?

I hear at high gain settings, the V3 becomes somewhat Fizzy,.
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i live in sh!tty michigan, no dealers around here.

and what do you mean by fizzy?

is there any other amp that can do the heavy distortion in my price range?
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I have had this amp and vintage cab for over a year now. I just retubed it with the best Tung Sol El34's and 12AX7's. I have been playing for decades and I have had so many amps including a Marshall which I loved BUT I would not take two of anything for this amp.
I also ran my share of high end rack gear for years before returning to the all tube amp setup.

I assure you those claiming this amp is buzzy or fizzy are repeating some "Fox News" nonsense they heard or they have something else going on.

This amp is completely versitile, if you can turn knobs and flick switches you can get anything out of it. I do.

I run three channels: channel 3 (is the clean channel) set on bright, EQ switch up drive 5, treb, presence 6-7, mids 4-5, bass 3, best to keep the bass down and use the deep adjust to bring up any needed low end. This amp has thunderous volume and low end, more than anything I have seen and that is BEFORE I actually started playing detuned a whole step.

Channel 2 is my Trower channel used with a VL Microvibe, and the Fulldrive, I have the distortion gain set down to thick, eq up not too much different from my usualy knob tone settings. the Distortion is dark, full, and the Fulldrive brings on the OCD type Trower drive. I also am now using the amp at 50watt selector (2 power tubes) this allows me to push the power end a little bit more without cracking the foundation. Channel 1 is set for my high end high gain tone which I have adjusted for the most gain it can produce, the distortion is full, articulate and hot. Sounds like a well adjusted box distortion but with TUBES.

This is a great amp and seriously for $1500 you have to be kidding me. The construction and look is amazing and the new ones are even better. I actually just took about 10 minutes when it came to just appreciate the workmanship. It was a beauty. The cab is metal grill protected and the speakers (vintage 30watters) sound better than any cab I have owned including the vintage Marshall 1960 I had with my Marshall head.

Most amps are a one trick pony or a find the sweet spot resonance point, this amp can be adjusted to get anything out of it, anything. I have my rig designed to allow me to switch from glass bell clean, to heavy pedal distortion satchuration into the clean, or Trower low end warble, and high gain as tube variation of the heavy pedal distortions. It does it all. I have been playing over 30 years and this is the amp. You are missing the boat on Carvin. I have played Carvin's guitars and amps for over decade exclusively, I will use nothing else. Why should I pay two and three times the money for an over priced, over rated, and poor workmanship?

I would buy this amp again and the tubes it comes with are fine groove tube, when I retubed with the best EL34's and preamps I could find it just blew my mind, a tremendous amp got better. Those trashing Carvin either don't own them or did not take the time to properly evaluate the products.

There is also a trick you can do on this amp. It has two loops, loop 1 is a standard series loop which I have my rack Carvin FX-2 for long throw reverb into my Boss DD-20 Gigadelay set at line level. Loop 2 is a parallel loop, and if you just turn the level on it to 10 and patch cable the send/return you get a really sweet tonal +3-4 db clean boost, that is also foot switchable. With the front panel boost that gives me two options of increased clean boost if needed. The loop 2 boost jumper can be used to increase the volume of the clean channel with a nice mid bump. It also makes the tube driven hot channels massive.

If you do not like this amp then I cannot imagine what might please you.

I play only Carvin guitars as well,
my strat style guitar is a DC135: mohagony body and neck, birdseye maple fingerboard, 24 fret neck through the body construction. Stainless steel frets, Special cut three pickup single coil I had done of this model, using three Carvin dual rail single coil humbuckers (these are 7.8 ohm pickups, better than a lot of std. Humbuckers) mounted into the wood, no pickguard mounting. I also installed the incredible Stellartone Tone control (if you haven't heard of these, man are you missing some amazing tones.) I get 81 tone positions on a 5 way that just leave you floored. The Stellartone unit, cuts the high end only and leaves the mids and lows unlike a crap standard tone control that rolls off the tone with the cheap cap cut. It has 16 positions, 1 is complete bypass, all signal straight from the open pickup to the jack, position 2 is normal tone cap on 10, positions 3 to 16 slightly click off the high end. This made me start playing my center pickup and having the tonal option on the bridge pickup is incredible. You should hear the full cut on the bridge using a high gain distortion, the Jeff Beck type tones are amazing.

No cosmetic paint on this guitar just an amazing workhorse strat on steriods.

I have a DC400 with a transparent black stained flamed maple top on a mohogany body, ebony neck, 24 fret, a real beauty, it is 10 years old now and looks like it was just made. Two Humbuckers, it serves as my Les Paul type guitar with the great mid position wood sound of the LP. Great pickups in here, split coil and phase if needed and an push/pull active clean preamp if desired. I plan to put the Stellartone control in this one as well.
Just dont use this amp with V30s because that will put the highs over the top. I have it and it wasnt that great with v30s, im using a vader cab in with it now and it is very nice.
for 1500 you could buy an Egnater Tourmaster 4100 head for sure, maybe a cab depending where you live.
I thought the V3 was a garbage amp overall but for $900 it's not half bad. I'd take a B-52 AT-100 any day over the V3 though. Not to mention they're quite unreliable. My friend sent two back before he got one that lasted longer than a week.

The clean channel is pretty good, just doesn't get thick enough, and thats with .11's, GEQ, and the amp's bass up reasonably high. Just doesn't get jazzy thick.

The gain is very fizzy unless it's loud. I'm talking volume over halfway. It's very hard to coax a load of low end out of it as well. Again, with .11's, GEQ, and some nice 4x12's. I've played through enough amps to know how to dial one in, the V3 is just not worth it unless you're recording and you plan on doing some major post EQing.

It cuts through the mix like a mofo though. I'd say this is due to the lack of bass unfortunately.

Much better amps with similar features for less than $1,000 used.. Mesa F-100, Mark III, Rectifiers, Modded Marshall JCMs, Peavey XXX/JSX.
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I have had mine over a year and if you think this is crap maybe your guitar is crap or your cable is a piece of twine. I've had all those different amps even rack, this amp is amazing for $1500 a 4x12, thick???, you cannot tell me you ever had one. I have to watch the low end to keep from blowing out the cones! There is a loop2 jumper trick which also adds another clean boost.

You can have the rest, one trick ponies, after decades of playing, I know tone, sometimes I think you guys give the newbys really bad advice.

Actually try a Carvin, you might make sure the the tubes are OK after shipping for God's sake. I had no problems. This amp is dead quiet and with the new Tung Sol's I'd put it up against anything. I have seen real dufus players plug a good amp head into a bad cab with mismatched impedence and blame the amp.

I play heavy clean to hard dist Fusion Jazz Instrumental music. Lack of Bass??? It shakes my house with Bass on 3 and Deep on 5. I have a heavy dark vibe Trower tone set on channel 2, it is so good it's scary. It's all in the tubes, I retubed mine and it sounded better than new, the Groove tubes were getting microphonic after about a year. The (tubestore.com) rules, the new Tung Sol EL34's are bigger glass and sound amazing, the Tung Sol 12XA7 has higher gain.

Seriously, you cannot tell me you have played one, maybe you had a defect, anything is possible, after a year and a half mine is flawless. Only the newer Marshalls can gain as high as this amp, I have had them, a Mesa could but I am not into buying used gear. And a new dual or triple rec with a good cab... big bucks.

Sorry, I have no idea what happened to your friend but mine is fine. I've been playing longer than you have lived. Be glad to send you my settings. I do play detuned a full step down which probably helps add even more low end but at standard pitch it still had ultra bottom end without mud, it is engineered to be bottom heavy. I suspect someone out there is getting tube problems or impedence issues, I have never heard of anyone getting this amp and not liking it.

What's next you do not like their guitar work? This is probably my 6th custom made guitar by them and for what it costs with its workmanship and tones you could not give me two of most other over priced models.

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FoolDrive do you by chance work for Carvin
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I have a Carvin V3 head and Engl cab and I can get mesa tones out of it, and yes you can get those tones. As for the fuzziness, I have never experienced it as I use a Boss ns-2 which seems to rid of any fuzziness. Plus to get a 3 channel, 120W amp for that price is really good value for money. Also channel 3 (the clean channel) is better than a mesa's not as good as a fender clean but is very good if you can eq properly. However like any amp you should go try one first, hope this helped.
You can claim I don't know what I'm talking about as much as you want but when the TS buy's one and is disappointed, don't look at me.

One of my best friends had one and I spent enough time fooling with it to know I didn't like it at all. My Framus Dragon (which can be bought for $1,300) has much better cleans, a thicker distortion, overall less gain though, and a more harmonic range as well. The V3 is unimpressive at all to me, maybe due to owning a Road King, Mark IV, Framus Dragon, Splawn Quickrod, Vetta II, Fender Twin Reverb, Mesa F-100... all of which are muuuuch better than the V3... well except the twin.
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I have never seen a double, triple, or single rec for $900 used.

Why not just test the amp in question OP?

I hear at high gain settings, the V3 becomes somewhat Fizzy,.

I see single rectifiers over here going for 900-1100 bucks regularly but the Duelies and the Triple command crazy prices used.

But yeah, I'm sure the Carvin can do those tones. There are amps out there that could replicate them better though.
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