I was recently thinking about buying a talk box but I'm not sure of what I need to get with it, how to set it up and if it will work with my amp. The talk box I'm pretty sure about getting is the heil talk box but a lot of the reviews say the set up is complicated. If some one could tell me how to set it up, what I need to get and if it will work with my amp which is an Marshall MG-50-DFX. I know it's not really a good amp but it gets the job done.

Thank you
You need a head/cab setup, or a speaker out and cab.

Talkbox goes between the head and the cab using speaker cables. Tube from talkbox gets attached to a mic, you turn on the talkbox and your amp 'cuts out' as the talkbox acts as the cab, so you NEED a mic to use one.

Look at the Rocktron Banshee, different set up.