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So this is another venture into the Post Rock region, which I personally see in my songs as the "to be most creative without using creativity" aspect. So this is a somewhat lengthy effort I wrote in the past month, so try to see it as a song, and not a guitar pro file.

Required for listening:

Midi, since there is no RSE MIX
Headphones or good surround sound system

C4C, the more you write, the more I write.
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Better be a lot of vocals in this one dude, it's got repetition to the max.
The intro drags on too long, cut it down by a few bars.
It picks up alot when the other instruments come in, but again, a lot of repetition going on and without a lot of new layers it doesn't feel fresh.
From there I feel it stagnants, until the end which I feel is the best part, very nice use of dynamics
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With the first 5 million bars being the same, i gave up rather fast.
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Thanks for the crit. Although next time, please... paragraphs

Anyway, as mentioned it's incredibly repetitious, and most of the piece feels quite stagnant. There is definitely a lot of brilliance hidden within the song, especially near the end.

However to be perfectly honest the tremelo picking is horrendous. It made 90% of the song impossible to listen to, especially when you've got 2 instruments doing it. It turns the whole song into a cluttered mess of really bad noise. It doesn't work with GP, and I can say with near certainty that it wouldn't work in a real recording either.

I know this isn't the greatest of crit, but if you ever do anything about that trem stuff let me know and I'll give it another look.
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In the instances that in the bar there isn't going to be a chord change e.g. bars 1,3,7 etc. I rate simply hold the first strum for the whole 4 beats versus two strums of 2 beats each. I think that would reduce the repetition at the start.

With the trem picking at bar 33, I think you should also start "building up" your chords as you are with the trem picking.

I also agree with one of the other comments, 3 guitars all trem picking just makes it sound like bees to me :P It could just be Guitar Pro obviously but I think 3 is a bit overkill.

I really liked the rif***e you introduced from 143 on (everything, the overdriven stuff and the jazz stuff). I didn't like the big chord dives though for so long. Maybe just from bar 179 and then end as it currently is.

From what i understand and how i listen to Post Rock, it's often just in the background for me and I'm not paying attention to it and critting it etc. so i wouldn't be thinking, "oh wow, he has being going on with that trem picking for a while". Basically I'm saying I actually enjoyed it.
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As I listen
Intro is too boring/ too long. cut t short or make it more exciting. Nothing wrong with the chord progression though. The buildup was a good idea but I think it sounds more like theme song playing in the background of a video game or so.

That tremolo thing is damn annoying, at some I couldnt even tell if it was intended or if Gp messed up again.

After listening to the whole thing im sure that this would be a great theme song bt not an actual song.

In fact, since this song consists just of one single part after all there's not much to say. I have to admit I liked it a lot but you have to turn of that tremolo thing.

And using as much overdubs as possible isnt always a good idea.

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Please don't use the trill feature to play tremolos. Use the tremolo for that. For heaven's sake, please.
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It repeats too much: You should just take out bars 9-12 completely, I think it sounds better than way.

What's up with the trill? You should either use the tremolo picking or the vibrato feature for that, depending on what it was supposed to be.

The harmonies are cool, but this is repeating too much; there better be a quite interesting vocal melody over this.

The adding in of the instruments should happen much faster; it's just too dull the way it is.

Was it really necessary to have so many tracks? My computer can't really handle this. About halfway through, it just starts lagging like all hell, so I'll have to end my crit here.

Overall, the melodies were all really good, they just repeated a bit too much to be an actual song, unless with a great vocal melody.
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