If anyone could tell which finish this Ibanez S470DXQM has, I'd greatly appreciate it.

The serial #: CP06126574

It is either "Blue Moon Burst" or "Blue Bright Burst"

The serial number will only give factory, year, and production number, so I doubt anyone will be able to tell just from the production number.

Why can't you just look at the guitar, and compare it to a google img search?
ibanez serial numbers only give you info on the factory and year, everything after the 1st 3 digits means nothing and is only used for identifying it as your guitar if it needs to be returned to a ibanez repair centre.

ibanez do not keep a record of what serial number is assigned to what guitar (if a rg2550 and a jem came off the line at the same time they would get a serial number off the same sticker reel sent to the uk, bought by the same person, if you rang ibanez they`d say yes it`s a genuine serial but couldn`t tell you which guitar model)

your guitar only comes in 2 colours red viking and bright blue burst.