It's a '04 single cut, humbuckers, black. Seems to have a very thin finish - you can see the wood grain through the top and back. Needs cleaining up, but it's all original, all there and all working like new.

I put one of these on layaway about 25 years ago, and forgot about it - got my money back about 2 years later-so I have wanted one for a while.

Anybody have one of these?
They are discontinued now, and if it's as good as they say, I might want another just foe emergencies.

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(I'm guessing this is Epiphone- correct me if I'm wrong).
It's just the Special right? Not the Special II?
I had one a few years back when I went thru my Gibson phase. Mine was a Gibson Les Paul SL Special. Single cut, flat top in natural mahogany, 490 neck and 498 in the bridge. It played nice but I was always chasing tone from it. I tried a literal stack of pickups in her and finally sold it for a nice profit. DiMarzio PAF Pro set was my favorite pups in her but overall it was a little dry sounding for what it cost.
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