This is not my band but this story shocked me, so I'm gonna promote Betray Your Own because they are actually a very good band.

Here's the bulletin:

we posted a bulliten last night about this if you havent read it check this out. If you have read it, theres some updates...

SO we were suppost to play with Trivium, Whitechapel and Darkest Hour tonight but just found out TODAY (The day of the show) that Matt Heafy the singer of Trivium dosent want a local on the show! When for the past couple months weve been promoting and putting there ****ing flyers around all over NC for this show! There is no reason that they cant have a local on the bill for 20 mins and still be on time with the contract. The promoter even told Jesters they can have a local with a 20 min set, Matt just didnt want a local to play. Its ****ed up when bands that used to be where we are now become pre madonnas and get signed and think there **** dont stink. SO we say **** those dudes. When we used to be big fans of the band, now they can eat ****! SO if you think this is ****ed up, you should let them know!

(Update) The show was pretty much sold out, it was packed! but trivium was done by 11:30!!! when it was suppost to be over at 12:50, so WTF is up with that. They could of had two locals play with that much time to spare.

Whatever we just got on a HUGE show in Baltimore at the end of November so Keep in touch with us for updates on that!

Come to Hot Topic in Fayetteville on Oct 22nd between 6pm and 7pm and buy our cd and help us out!

Now that just pisses me off. I am officially a hater of Trivium.

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Wow that sucks. Seems like something Trivium would totally do though so I'm not that surprised. I saw them at Sounds of the Underground a while back and they seemed so full of themselves acting like such huge rock stars... then In Flames came out after them and blew them away while still acting quite laid back.

All the best to that local band.