I'm customizing a neck and the cost is up to 450ish (mainly b/c of binding). Where can I save money by DIY ? (DIMyself? DIM? ha) I don't have much experience with this type of stuff but I have all the resources via my dad and his friend. It looks like if I added a finish to the neck myself it would save like 100$ (well, - materials). If I bought the nut myself and had it installed that would save like 20$ Hrm, well that may be all that I could do. Any other areas? How difficult would it be to finish and "nut" the neck myself?

Side Note: why is compound radius so much cheaper than the standard radius's?
I have to say that I did a tung oil finish on my neck recently (Formby's brand) and it was really simple and turned out nice. It's similar to a thin coat of thin lacquer but more natural feeling. I say go for the neck finish, but get them to do the nut. From what I hear it's rather complicated to do that yourself.
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What kind of wood do you want? Both of my Warmoth's are made with solid Indian rosewood necks...fretboard, everything. They are a touch more expensive than regular necks due to the type of wood, but they require zero finish (bare is completely fine). I think they're the best feeling necks I've ever had (because of them being bare) and they're also the cheapest necks I've used because of the lack of finish.
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I'm not 100% sure what type of wood I want for the back. I want Indian rosewood for the fretboard. (this is Naptime)