It's time to set up both of my guitars soon, but before I start.

I have a few question that I couldn't find in the stickied "ultimate setup guide" thread

1. For mesurements.....How many should I make?

I'm thinking measure the height from the 1st, 12th, and 22nd/24th frets.

Is that good enough, or should I make a measurement at each fret where there's an inlay or other (please specify)?

2. Do I adjust the action before, or after I put new strings on?

3. Both of my guitars, A BC Rich Exotic Classic Bich, and a Gibson Xplorer Pro both have the Tune-Matic Bridge and Stopbail tail....

But on the Bich

There are flathead screws on the left and right that can be adjusted with a screwdriver.

On my Xplorer

There are these two ball like objects in place of screws.

So how is the bridge risen and lowered on The Tune-O-Mat's like on the explorer?

And my last question, more so of a recomendation on action height.

I like it set low, enough to where there's no buzz, but also high enough further down the neck so I can still get good bends.

Any suggestions?

Thanks alot guys!
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