OK, I just recorded a rough demo of a new song.
This one is very much a work in progress. Because of this, I am already aware that:
A. The playing is sloppy
B. The mixing is sloppy
C. There is no bass
D. There are no vocals
E. The drums are monotonous

So please only comment on the actual melody of the piece. It's the first one on my profile. Thanks.
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i listened its good, try to add more variety to it maybye a different rhythm? or more interesting chords other than power chords?
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pretty meh, to be honest. nothing special, the lead was boring, no build up, no variation, not really any dynamics
not my cup of tea. I guess the riff is kinda neat, but DEFINATELY redo that lead, IMHO.
not trying to flame or anything, just didn't find it that good.
HOWEVER, judging by your other song, it's obviously an extremely rough draft, since the other one is pretty cool.
I look forward to hearing the finished version
Kind of remind me of Rise Against. I thought the solo at around 00:30 was sloppier than the rest.

Instead of just hitting the power chords one after the other, try playing with them. Make the picking pattern stand out more than just "duh duh duh duh" if you see what i mean.