how do you install this drum kit, ive just been watching a demo on youtube and it said you need a host program to run it,
anyone used ezdrummer,
1. download and instal Reaper (google is your friend)
2. go to settings
3. go to VST
4. find the folder with ezdrummer VST plugin (.dll file)
5. Enjoy.
Nice I am sure you BOUGHT it without having any idea how to run it.
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Wait, is Reaper free?

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Nice I am sure you BOUGHT it without having any idea how to run it.

No, lol, ive learnt to research first
is it a good drumkit, do u use the keyboard keys for each drum and how does it compare to a real drumkit, thanks
If you know how to program drums it can be very convincing. The two country songs in my profile (Lovin' and leavin' and Still my lucky day) were both made using EZ Drummer; the Classic Rock add-on is outstanding, especially the brushes. For the most part I only use it as a complement to BFD though.
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