Ok so I have a Stratocaster HSS (info in my sig) and a Spider III 75 amp.

I really want to get the sound that the pre-chorus of the song Reptilia - The Strokes has really badly. I know how to play it perfectly but i cant get that smooth crunch the audio has. Please give me the settings for the song if U have a close idea of it.


The part comes from 1:15 - till the chorus ends.

Thanks in advance
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Valensi's main guitar, which he uses for nearly every live show and recorded song, is a 1990s Epiphone Riviera with Gibson P-94 pick-ups. In a 2004 interview with Epiphone, he called it "the greatest guitar never made" [3] because Gibson had never produced a semi-hollow with P-90 style pickups (except for the fully-hollow ES-330 and the Epiphone Casino). He has several models in different colours (all with P-94s), including multiple naturals, one in vintage sunburst, one in red, and a 12-string in red. In 2005, Epiphone released a signature model of his guitar, the Elitist Nick Valensi Riviera P-94, and followed it up with a standard model Nick Valensi Riviera P-94 in 2007. Back-up/warm-up guitars include an Epiphone Dot fitted with 2 P-94s, an Epiphone Casino, an Epiphone Sheraton, and a Gibson Faded Special Double Cutaway with 2 P-90s. Valensi often borrows fellow Strokes guitarist Albert Hammond, Jr.'s backup guitars, which include a Gibson Les Paul Jr. and Les Paul Special. New guitars used for the First Impressions of Earth tour include a Gibson Les Paul Custom in black, a Fender Telecaster Custom, and a Duesenberg semi-hollow. Valensi's main amplifier is a 2x12" Fender Hot Rod DeVille, used with Fender 4x12" extension cabinets during live shows. He also recently purchased a Carr amplifier to use on the last few stops of the First Impressions tour. His pedalboard consists of a Visual Sound Jekyll & Hyde Ultimate Overdrive pedal, BOSS TR-2 Tremolo, Vox Cooltron Bulldog Distortion, MXR Micro-Amp (2) and a Boss TU-2 Chromatic Tuner.

that is the stuff he uses
Why do people with Spider III's always want sounds which they can't produce with their Spiders?
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Quote by JesusCrisp
Why do people with Spider III's always want sounds which they can't produce with their Spiders?

this. by now, you would think they would realize it's impossible. i also hate when people get really high watted practice amps. i could understand if he had a 15 watt, but do you really need 75 watts of a pretty bad digital amp? I think not
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