Does anyone know a safe place I can download the original Diablo II from? I lost my disc but still have my CD key, and this is a new computer so I'm all ing.

I'd prefer not using a torrent site because I'm afraid of bad links- anyone know what I can do?
Get the disk, theif.

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There are sites that search file hosts like Rapidshare and MegaUpload.
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Get the disk, theif.

I had it, still have the box and CD Key, and I am NOT buying the 20 dollar box set with the expansion pack when I already have the damn expansion pack disk.
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Get the disk, theif.

Har har

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im actually pretty sure you can download it off blizzard for free as long as you have the cd key.
a friend of mine was telling me a friend of his did that when the same thing happened to him
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I've never had a prob downloading from TPB. You just have to be smart enough not to download a bad torrent
Is it not against rules to tell this guy about illegal downloads?

Correct me if I'm wrong
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Bah, I have my Diablo II CD, but lost the case with the key on it

Seriously, this thread just reminded me

I think I'm going to try d/l Diablo 1 soon though, I don't think my laptop can even support Diablo II anymore anyways.
If you still have the CD-key you can input it on Battle.net (An official Blizzard site) and get a new electronic download and CD-key. 100% legit and safe
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Just use someone elses disk. Just use your key of course. Easy answer. Make sure to keep the play disc though so you can install LOD