I've had my orange tiny terror for little over a year now and i think its great. Before that i had a line 6 spider III 75, i liked the distortion on that amp but not the crunch tones, and back then i played AC/DC and Sabbath so i decided to get a tiny terror, now dont get me wrong, the TT is great for everything from AC/DC to Sabbath, but anything heavier than Sabbath is a no go, there isnt enough distortion.

I then went on my brothers spider III and it felt so good to play some metallica with some heavier distortion.

What im trying to say is that i htik ive wasted my money on the tiny terror, ive tried a few distortion pedals with the amp and none seem to sound right, do you guys think that i should sell my TT and get a new amp (if so what kind, my bidget would be about £350), and if you think i should stay with my TT then what can you sujest to boost the distortion?

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Save up and then buy a better amp. If you go out buying a 350 quid amp all you're gonna get is worse than a TT.

You can also try a decent high-gain distortion pedal like a Barber Dirty Bomb (just stay away from high gain Boss distortions).
Well surely if you like the amp for what you bought it to do then it's not a waste of money?
What's your budget for a pedal?
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Well there are a few of those doubleshots floating about. If you like it I think I know of a shop that has one you could e-mail
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are there any decent music shops near you? the TT is pretty common, you could just try it with a bunch of boosts and distortion pedals and see how good it sounds. that'd be the first thing to do, mainly because it means not spending too much money.
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OD pedal. Sonic Stomp. Push that TT make it show its teeth.
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What you need.. is an OD pedal.
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Can a Tiny Terror do metal? I've only heard some youtube clips with dudes throwing Tube Screamers in front of the TT's and they sound quite decent.