This might sound like a bit of a stupid question but I was wondering today about what other people think of this. I have heard many people (including myself) say that they "can't draw". I just wonder how true this is, and that maybe if people put their minds to it, with a bit of patience, could get to the point where they can drawing things from scratch and from memory. Picturing the object as they go

By draw I don't just mean the ability to pick up a pencil, press it to paper and move it about in a coherent fashion, but to actually DRAW solid objects.

Logic says that if you practice at something enough you will get better at it. The 20th time you draw a tiger will be better than the 1st. In my mind, I think that anyone with hands and a brain can learn to play guitar. But that is easy for someone who plays guitar to say. Does the same apply to all art forms, even for those that wern't blessed with a "natural talent" for it?

Just wondering what everyone else thought about this
Yeah, otherwise everyone would be a terrible artist like they were when they were drawing scribbles and claiming them to be orange elephants
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nobody picks up a pencil and becomes a picasso! (well i guess anyone can be a picasso, but you get my drift)
it took me years of doodling and drawing to be able to draw well.
same with everyone else, its just the time put into it, just like with guitar playing or anything else
some people think visually, other logically, others using sound

it is possible to improve your visual memory through practice and thats a big help in learning to draw.

so i think anybody can learn to draw, with practice and patience, just like most things.

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yeh they can, its the same as learning the guitar, it just takes practise. also some people are naturally gifted with it so yeh, sucks if your not (like me) but hey, practise makes perfect
Alot of people don't understand that it takes along time to learn.

Unless your're some phenom or savant.

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As the other guys have said, it's a matter of time and effort. However, I think that people have different maximum levels of skill; some people are naturally able to draw brilliantly with no real training and a relatively small amount practice, whereas others can spend their entire lives doodling and even take proper lessons and still end up mediocre at best
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i think u r kinda right but it helps to have some natural ability. have u ever tried to teach somebody to play guitar that has no musical ability? they seem to struggle a little more than someone who has some natural ability.

to answer your question-maybe
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Yes. Same as instruments.


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well i have three cousins that are all brothers and they are all insane at drawing, and one works as a tattooist designing drawings, he's 22, the oldest cousin is 27 and the youngest is 11 and he can draw just so much better than me, I'm 16 so maybe you can have talent in your genes. But i guess you can still achieve greatness with practice

My mum is an artist and taught me to draw, I used to be amazing.

But I tried to draw something the other day and it was hilariously bad. You can learn it and un-learn it. It's about turning your perceptions into lines on a page, and that's something you have to learn to do otherwise you'll end up wiht something that looks nothing like what you are trying to copy.

Just start of simple, learning to draw parallell lines without a ruler, perfect circles, things like that, and go from there.
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With enough practice, everyone can learn to draw.
I say I can't draw either. It's because I really don't put the effort and time into it.. because I have no passion for drawing.
Its just practice and getting better.. some people give up on their first try some keep trying. I kept trying.